How should I send my watch for repair?

Practical advice on packing and shipping your watch to Renaissance Watch Repair

Packaging Your Vintage Watch

Proper packaging is essential if you want to make sure your vintage watch is not damaged during shipment.

We recommend that you place the watch in a zip-loc bag, then wrap the bagged watch in bubble wrap or other well-padded material, and then place it in the center of a small rigid cardboard box with additional padding around it. If you just place the watch by itself in the box of styro-peanuts, the watch will quickly "sink" to the bottom and you'll have a very nice box of peanuts with an unprotected watch bouncing around at the bottom. The idea is to keep the watch centered in the box with plenty of padding around it.

Please do NOT send the watch in just a padded envelope. It does not have adequate padding or rigid protection, and the watch is almost certain to be damaged in transit.

Please send only the watch and do not include the fancy chain, great-grandpa's pocket-knife, or the velvet box from the jewelry store or other items. Send just the watch.

Please be sure to include a note inside the box with your name, address, phone number and email address so that we know how to contact you with your estimate (and so the PO knows where to deliver the package if the outside address label is damaged).

Be sure to include your estimate deposit (if required).

Mailing Your Watch

We have had excellent results using USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance, but you may choose to send your watch via the insured shipper of your choice. The USPS Priority Mail Box #4, or Flat-Rate Shipping Box both work very well, and the PO will even give you the box for free!

We prefer that you do not send using registered mail, since this requires a special trip to the Post Office to pick up the package, and thus delays our actual receipt of your watch. But if you are more comfortable using registered mail, then we will assuredly pick up your watch from the PO... it just might take us an extra day or two to get there.

We promise to take excellent care of your watch while it is in our custody, but we are not responsible for loss or damage occurred in transit.