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Here's what our many satisfied customers say about Renaissance Watch Repair

"I have received the Hamilton and it is so nice to see it running as it should. Thank you so much for being a professional, it is hard to find that expertise."

– C. E., Texas

"I am not sure if you remember me, but you worked on my Elgin watch about 2 months ago. I am sure you are used to hearing this but in any case, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Once again, you have no idea how happy I am and how much joy it brings me every day when I look at my watch which I use. I know I mentioned this before but it holds alot of personal sentimental value to me, and so I was heartbroken when it broke. But thanks to you it makes my day, every day, every time i look at it. I cannot thank you enough for bringing joy everyday to me by restoring my watch back to life. The watch means more than you can imagine to me. GOD BLESS YOU, and may you have a blessed new year! THANK YOU!"

– R. B., New York

"I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS for the wonderful job you did on my recently received 1883 Illinois pocket watch. The patina is perfectly preserved and as to the operation of the watch, it’s spot on accurate. In 48 hr test run, it’s only varied by +/- 5 seconds! Thanks again for bringing this piece of ‘technology’ back to life. I’m sure it’s happy to be ticking again, and stretching it’s legs after this long rest."

– C. T., Indiana

"I picked up my watch yesterday--what tremendous customer service and quality work you provide. You will be the only person to work on that watch for as long as I own it. Thanks again for all you do"

– G. Y., California


" Thank you for treating my watch as if it is a fine jewel. Just the way I would treat it myself. The way the rose gold pops looks better than I've ever seen it. For the first time I opened the back and it shines. One more thing, my Hamilton runs perfectly."

– R. T., New York

"My watch looks just like it did - amazed you were able to clean the face after seeing those terrible rust photos. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your patience and efforts to recover for me a treasured family keepsake. You are a miracle worker!"

– A. B., New Mexico


"I received my watch just now and it is gorgeous! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

– E. W., Tennessee

"I received my watch today. Thank you for the key, I haven't found mine yet. I just wound the watch for the first time in 45 years and it works. All I can say is thank you so very much. I will treasure it for the rest of my life, then it will go to my son or daughter and hopefully be passed on to their children. Once again thank you so much."

– R. B., South Carolina

"I wanted to write to you and let you know I received my dad's watch on Friday. And it looks absolutely amazing!  The work you did has me in awe. When I first opened the box I had high expectations, but I never expected it to be this wonderful. I will never be able to tell you how grateful I am. You have a brilliant talent. You have brought back a piece of my childhood that I thought was gone forever. Thank you so much. This was well worth the wait."

– D. D., Idaho

"Watch received back. Everything is in great condition! Thank You. I am a very satisfied customer, and if I have an opportunity to do business with you again, or recommend others, I definitely will! Thank you again for your wonderful service."

– D. A., Illinois

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to receive my watch this past Friday!  The work you did is a miracle! (I thought this watch would NEVER run again let alone keep accurate time). I’ve showed my family the watch and they were so excited to see such an heirloom 90 years old restored to working condition. Truly a work of art! Thanks very much for the time and diligence you spent on this painstaking restoration. The fact that you could actually get it to work again really means a lot to me! I’m extremely happy with your unique service!"

– W.P., New York


"Just a quick note to let you know that I think you did a superb job with my pocketwatch. It is absolutely beautiful, and has been well worth the waiting time. I have showed it to my family, and they too have been stunned by its beauty. Thank you very much!"

– D. T., Massachusetts

"I received the watch in great condition and am very pleased with the work done. Last Saturday I was able to wear the watch, which you estimated to be a ~1907 vintage while I performed in our production of the Scott Joplin opera Treemonisha, also created ~1907. I can only hope that I performed as well as the watch did. I look forward to using this watch for many years and very much appreciate the care and diligence you brought to its repair."

– R. H., Mississippi

" Incredible work, thank you so much for bringing this piece back to life. 100% worth the wait, thank you thank you thank you!"

– J. C., Brooklyn, NY

"My watch arrived today, and is working perfectly! When I found this watch at the end of September, I honestly didn't know if it could be fixed. That didn't matter that much to me, because I was happy to have a piece of my family history. That it works now is amazing and it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much! If I know of anyone looking for similar service I will definitely recommend you!"

– J. S. H., Washington

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you have done with my Waltham.  It looks great, and sounds just as it did when I used to take it out of my grandfather's vest pocket and listen to it.  The decision to replace the crystal was also the right one to make.  Your work has certainly been worth the wait."

– H. R., Vancouver, BC


"It is truly a blessing to deal with a man of integrity, Mr. Stuart. Your communication with me has been professional, personal, and punctual; qualities sorely lacking in much of today's business world. I appreciate this. It seals my determination not only to seek out your services when I am able to do so, but also to point others toward your business."

– J. S., Pennsylvania


"I would like to thank you for the repair on my watch.  The watch looks much better than I imagined it could have.  Thank you for offering and installing the nicer dial.  It really enhances the way the watch looks.  I am so pleased."

– M. J., Ohio

"I know it is often said, but I mean it when I say it was a pleasure doing business with you. From my initial inquiry, to your estimation of repairs, right through to end of the job, your personal, professional service, and excellent communication were flawless. Thank you."

– G. K., Arizona

"Picked the watch up today. It looks BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. Cannot wait to show the rest of the family the results."

– P. V., Washington

"I just got my watch back today and cannot get over how smooth the winding mechanism feels now. Thank you so much for taking care of this issue for me. Thank you again for the extreme care that you took and gave when fixing my watch. I would highly recommend you to anyone and will any chance I get."

– K. H., Kentucky

"I received my Studebaker watch about an hour ago.  It is so beautiful it is hard to describe, the dial looks as if it just came from the factory. I never expected anything so fine. The new crystal lets me see my watch for the first time! This watch was a gift to me from my mother over 65 years ago, I tried for years to get it repaired, but all said it couldn’t be done - except you. It took a long time, but it was more than worth the time and money, and the wait. You offer an exceptional service in a time where it is hard to find, thank you for your ”stick to it ness”.  I was ready to give up, but not you! Thanks again, it was a pleasure to do business with a true gentleman."

–D. G., Wyoming

"Just received my grandfather's watch back from you and it looks beautiful!!  I'm soooo glad you were able to accept its repair into your schedule and that the result is so GRAND!!  The wood-&-glass display case is a perfect way to display the watch on my fireplace mantle. Exceptional, all around….THANK YOU!!"

– R. B., Illinois

"I am thrilled to have my great-great grandfathers watch. I appreciate your help in getting it to function correctly. As of today, it is still keeping time exactly to how I set it. Thanks again for making this dream come true. One funny thing. I had it in my bedroom at first. But it ticks so loud my wife asked if I could put it elsewhere so she could sleep. So it rests in the other room now"

– S. G., Oregon

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with your service and repair of my great grandmother's watch. It was very difficult to send such a prized possession away. You were considerate with your handling of the watch, your immediate correspondence and quick repair service added to my comfort level. I was so pleased with the results and your loving care with the process. Thank you so much!"

– V. K., Minnesota

"I wanted to wait until I had lived with all my repaired pocket watches a short while before sending you a thank you. I am overwhelmed at the skilled workmanship you have displayed in refurbishing these cherished timepieces. Since setting the time when I received them a week ago, I have not needed to adjust any of them one iota. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they all keep excellent time. My congratulations to you for a superb job and please pass along my gratitude to the craftsman who did the case repair. Again, many, many thanks. True craftsmanship is in such short supply in this day and age, I am very pleased I was able to take advantage of yours."

– P. M., Hawaii

"Thank you so much for the wonderfully quick repair! I know you are very busy and it is the holiday season as well. I can not tell you how happy I am to hear that the damage was minimal and that you were so kind as to do the repair quickly. I was fully prepared for bad news and a year-long wait. Your professionalism, manner & skill are a testament to your craft."

- J. P., California 

"Thank you for such quick service in repairing my watch.  I am very happy that the repairs could be done and I will have my watch back soon.  You provide excellent service and it is much appreciated."

D. K., Maryland  


"Just wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with the repair of my Omega. It was my dad's watch and to have it in such great condition is a real joy.  Thanks for the quality workmanship"

– D. G., Pennsylvania

"Received my watch in mail yesterday. Thank you for the great work and consideration you put forth. In today's world you've reconfirmed my faith once again in finding rare human compassion and skill that so few possess."


– F. A., Texas

"I am dropping you this note, because I owe you an apology. In all the excitement, after receiving my grandmother's repaired watch - I forgot to thank you! I just want you to know that the watch works perfectly, keeps unbelievably precise time (against satellite digital kitchen clock!) and you made me very happy - since I had not used it for ten years (it was lying around smashed in the closet). I was amazed by your reasonable pricing. Frankly, the reason, why I waited for 10 years with this repair was mainly because I was afraid of the cost! I will recommend you to anyone with pocket watch needs and likewise I will send all of mine your way. I hope your business flourishes and you make many others equally happy! Thank you again!"

– W. D., Wisconsin

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. The repairs were done as originally quoted plus you found an additional issue that you repaired without cost to me. The watch could not have looked better when it was new in 1898. You are truly a master craftsman."

– B. B., Pennsylvania

"The watch arrived yesterday afternoon and has been keeping perfect time, also, thanks for polishing up the case. The watch never looked better. I had no idea where or how to start about fixing the watch and after browsing the internet for awhile, your website impressed me the most. I'm so glad I chose you to do the work. Thanks to everyone at Renaissance Watch Repair for fixing my watch."

– D. D., Ohio

"Thank you for your great customer service (professionalism and integrity too).  Sometimes I feel like it's a lost art!"

– J. D., Washington

"I have received my watch safe and sound. Thank you so much for your help and the wonderful customer service. I truly know I will enjoy my watch for many years to come. Thanks again for all that you did for me."

– R. H., Texas

"Thanks for all your help. I'm very happy with the job you did... I didn't think it was possible. The face of the watch is beautiful."

– S. F., Maryland

"I want to thank you for the wonderful workmanship on my husband's family pocket watch.  It will be cherished for many years to come by the family."

– H. J., Washington

"Your adoption of the business name of 'Renaissance Watch Repair' is a most suitable appellation as your service and spirit of communication speak of an earlier and more honorable era. My compliments to you for standing nearly alone in the turbulent and generally inconsiderate sea of contemporary businesses. Service and courtesy such as you have afforded me deserve notoriety."

– J.B., New Mexico

"I've been meaning to email and let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on the watch. It looks terrific and is running like a top! Thank you for your thoroughly professional service and care of this watch with enormous sentimental value. The level of communication and customer service has been great."

– S. P., Missouri

"Thanks so much for fixing my watch. I almost look forward to its needing maintenance again so I can put it in your trustworthy hands!"

– B. A., Washington

"Just wanted to let you know the watch arrived today and it looks and runs great! Thanks again for another great job!"

– T. O., Nevada

"I am carrying my Illinois A. Lincoln that you restored and it is in fantastic shape. The watch keeps almost perfect time, the dial that was refinished is like new, and the watch is beautiful. I own 8 pocket watches and have had most of them worked on by various people and your work is by far the best. It was worth the wait. Thank you."

– D. J., Washington

"Excellent work!  I am very impressed with all the work that was done."

– S.M., Michigan

"We gave the watch to our son for graduation. He loved it. Thank you for the very fine work you did on this watch. We appreciate it. Tom has something he will value and prize for many more years to come. We have you to thank for restoring it to working order once again."

– J.G., Texas

"The watch arrived yesterday without any problems. It is running just great. You did a fantastic job on this watch. I'm really happy with the watch, it kept perfect time overnite and for the age it is, it looks great all polished up."

– D. D., Ohio

"We received the watch today. It is beautiful! My wife and I both agree that you love what you do. Many thanks for your kind attention and help to service this heirloom."

– T.F., Tennessee

"The watch arrived yesterday, in great shape.  I can't tell you how proud I am to have it "back in service."  I will certainly send it back in 2 years for oiling and adjustment, and will highly recommend your work to my railroad buff friends who might have family railroad pocket watches. "

– T.H., South Carolina

"Our pocket watch arrived in fine shape. You did a great job and we are so pleased with the way it looks and runs now. All your communications were timely and up to date. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for repairs to an antique watch."

– R.M., New York

"The watch arrived today. It looks great and is running fine. I want to express my appreciation for all your efforts and fine work. I am sure my son is going to be very happy to have the watch in such good shape. It is definitely older and in better shape now than I am. Thank you again."

– E.W., Florida


"Just a few minutes ago I received my Illinois pocket watch that you repaired.  It is a real pleasure to see it running.  I thank you very much!"

– I. G., Montana

"I picked up my Longines watch today, it looks wonderful. Thanks again!"

– M. C., Indiana

"My watch arrived safely and I am so very pleased to have it running again  - PERFECTLY!!. The watch and I have grown old together and it is very special to me so I thank you all at Renaissance for a job well done."

– M. L, Washington

"Got back the watch and it is beautiful. I am very pleased with the work and I am sending another watch for you to take a look at. "

– B. M., California

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did; restoring and servicing my watch. It arrived yesterday; a day early. I have already recommended your shop to my aunt who has a Hamilton watch that she inherited from her father. I intend to make recommendations to two of my brothers' in law. They have their grandfathers' pocket watches; a Waltham and a Hamilton. Thanks again for the superb work."

– J.H., Washington

"The only thing I have to say is WOW! Thank you very much. It is fantastic to have my watch back in my pocket again."

– R. L., California

"I got my watch back from your company today and I want to thank you. The work you did is outstanding! The watch turned out beautiful, more then I expected. I will keep you in mind for future repairs."

– R. G., New York

"The aircraft clock is perfect now. Thank you for all your help in this matter. I certainly will recommend you highly!"

– C. C., Indiana

"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did. One would never know it had been damaged. I have been trying to locate someone [to repair this watch] for four years!"

– P.D., Georgia

"Received my refinished watch dial today and am very pleased. You did a great job. I have a Longines I want to send you and have the dial refinished also."

– E.L., Illinois

"Thanks very much for fixing the watch.  I look forward to seeing my wife wear it.  You will get my business again when I need it, as well as my recommendation to anyone who needs a watch repaired."

– C. J. E., South Carolina

"I am very pleased with the watch, and you have been very pleasant to work with. Thank you very much."

– J.L, Alabama

"We gave Dad the watch last weekend, and my dad, who is rarely emotional, seemed genuinely touched. He said it was too nice and too valuable to wear, yet every time I have seen him since, he has had it on. Thank you for taking the extra care and making the extra effort to bring these memories back to life for my dad."

– B.J., Kentucky

"I received the watch, and you have exceeded my expectations with not only the quality of the repair but with the high degree of professionalism you've displayed from the moment I first contacted you. I will be sure to communicate my experience with your great service."

– C.B., Ohio

"I'm more than impressed with your honesty and integrity in evaluating this watch. For this, I will always use you for my repair needs and will heartily recommend you to anyone who needs your services. "

– J. H., North Carolina

"I appreciate the advice and also the extra time you spent on my Hamilton watch. It seems like behavior or concern from another era, much as the watch is from another time."

– T.M, South Carolina

"You did a great job. The watches look wonderful. Your communications were always very timely. I will, of course recommend you to all my friends. Cheers!"

– J.K., California

"The watch arrived on Saturday. I looks and runs great. Thanks again for the wonderful service. I plan on sending you a Gruen Curvex shortly."

– R.B., New York

"I am delighted to have my Dad's watch back in working order. You have been so nice and cooperative in seeking the right parts. You and your company are great to work with and this 'Southern Lady' does appreciate all you have done."

– J. S. C., Kentucky

"The watch looks fantastic and is functioning well. I am really pleased with the look of the band that you selected and know my husband will love it. Having this repair done through your business has been a pleasure. You have been very responsive, prompt and helpful. I will be singing your praises far and wide!"

– A.F.S., Washington

The comments above are actual unsolicited comments from our customers.

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