Pocket Watch Repair & Restoration Prices

As of January 2022

These prices are provided as a guide. Each watch and each repair is different.

A full and complete written estimate* is always provided before any work is performed.

Service Price

Vintage Pocket Watch (1920 and later) - full-service clean, lubricate and adjust (CLA).

Does not include complications, chronographs, etc.


Antique Pocket Watch (pre-1920) - full-service clean, lubricate and adjust (CLA).

Does not include fusees, repeaters, complications, etc.

Wrist Watch: standard grade manual wind - full-service clean, lubricate and adjust. $325
Wrist Watch: automatic wind - full-service clean, lubricate and adjust $360
Wrist Watch: automatic wind plus calendar - full-service clean, lubricate and adjust $385
Wrist Watch: High-grade or complicated (e.g. Omega, Patek, etc) By Estimate Only
Aircraft clocks (mechanical only): CLA $500 and up
Chronograph: 2-dial - CLA $750
Chronograph: 3-dial - CLA $850
Chronograph: 3-dial with calendar or other complications By Estimate Only
Other Watches: up-downs, complications, fusees, repeaters, etc By Estimate Only
Crystal for Wristwatch: Varies with watch and crystal style, glass or "unbreakable", standard size or custom cut $60 and up
Crystal for Pocket Watch: Old-style glass, perfect for restorations. Price depends on size and style. Some hard-to-find sizes are additional cost. $125 and up
Crystal for Pocket Watch: NOS Geneva (hunter) style. Price depends on size and style. Some hard-to-find sizes are additional cost. $125 and up
Special Crystal for Pocket Watch: Includes thick glass and bullseye glass crystals. We have a good selection of American Bullseye glass crystals, and a limited selection of hard-to-find flat-thick glass crystals in stock to complete your restoration! $150 and up
Pocket Watch Dial: We have one of the largest inventories anywhere of fine used and NOS dials, both metal and enamel. We may just have the perfect dial for your watch! $100 and up

Prices below are in addition to CLA (clean-lubricate-adjust) charge. Basic CLA required in most cases to undertake the following repairs. If the repair requires that we disassemble the watch, then it must be cleaned and re-lubricated before it can be properly reassembled.

Mainspring service: replace or clean and re-lubricate as needed. Note: as of July 1, 2008, the price of mainsprings for vintage watches has taken a dramatic jump, and many springs are no longer being manufactured. We apologize for the increase, but unfortunately, we have no choice but to pass that price increase along on the repairs we perform. $85 - $125
depending on
Replace balance staff, if part is available, varies with size and type of staff. Some common staffs are becoming very difficult to find. $160 - $250
Replace balance staff, custom-made staff By Estimate Only
Replace broken jewels, varies with watch and type of jewel setting, per jewel $125 and up
Overhaul escapement and adjust for proper operation By Estimate Only
Replace broken or missing impulse (roller) jewel $125 and up
Replace broken or missing pallet jewel $125 and up
Make a new stem (with broken stem as pattern) $175 and up
Re-pivot broken wheel arbor (typically long 4th wheel pivot) By Estimate Only
Pocket Watch dynamic poise to minimize positional error By Estimate Only
Our shop-rate is $100/hour. For other repairs not listed here, please contact us with your questions  

*NOTE: Some problems are impossible to detect until the watch has been completely disassembled. While we make every effort to ensure that our estimates are complete and accurate, we do occasionally discover other problems during the repair procedure that went undetected during our initial inspection of the watch. If that occurs we will contact you with an estimate for any additional repairs that might be required to return your watch to best possible condition. You will always have the option to accept or decline any suggested repair. In cases where the cost of repairs significantly exceeds the value of the watch, we reserve the right to request a 50% deposit before doing the repair.

All watches are repaired on a first-come first-served basis. Our turnaround time varies with our current work backlog and the time we take with each watch we service. An extensive search for parts will always add significantly to the turnaround time for a repair. We don't take shortcuts and we'll do our best to fix your watch correctly... and that takes time.

All prices subject to change without notice.

We give each watch we repair the individual attention it deserves and we don't take shortcuts!

How to submit your watch for a repair or estimate