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The Elgin National Watch Company

The Elgin National Watch Company

Can My Vintage Elgin Watch Be Repaired?

By far the most important aspect of obtaining a quality repair for your vintage or antique watch is to find a watchmaker with years of experience fixing old wind-up watches. Many jewelry-store "watchmakers" these days only know how to change a battery in your quartz watch, and are ill-prepared to deal with the problems found in 100 year old mechanical watches. It's definitely worth your time to seek out a watchmaker who specializes in vintage watch repair.

At Renaissance Watch Repair, we are experts in the repair and restoration of vintage pocket watches and wristwatches made by the Elgin Watch Company (also known as the Elgin National Watch Company). Elgin watches are one of the brands we see and service most often. Whether your watch is an antique Elgin pocket watch from the late 1800's, or a Lord Elgin wristwatch from the 1940's, we can probably repair it. Over the years, we have repaired hundreds of Elgin watches, and we look forward to helping you return your antique Elgin watch to its best possible condition.

The Elgin National Watch Company was the largest American watch manufacturer, making over one million watches per year during their peak production years. They operated from 1864 until 1964. There are MANY examples of 100 year old Elgiin watches that are still in excellent working condition!

Since Elgin made so many watches, it is one of the American watch brands for which it is still possible (in most cases) to obtain repair parts. That makes Elgin watches one of the most "repairable" American vintage watch brands.

  • ELGIN REPAIR: To get an estimate for the repair of your Elgin watch, please see our How to Get an Estimate page.
  • ELGIN HISTORY: If you are looking for information on the age or history of your Elgin watch, including Elgin serial numbers and production dates, please see our Elgin Company History page.
  • ELGIN WATCH VALUE: If you are looking for Elgin pricing information or the value of your Elgin watch, please see our FAQ pages, or read our article "10 Keys to Understanding Antique Pocket Watch Value." We're sorry, but we are unable to provide email or telephone appraisals of your Elgin watch.
  • SELL YOUR ELGIN WATCH: We are always interested in purchasing interesting Elgin pocket watches, especially in the higher grades (at least 19 jewels). Please see our Watch Buying page for more information.
  • SWISS ELGIN WATCHES: Elgin produced some watch models in Switzerland in their later years. If you are looking for information on Swiss-produced Elgin watch calibres, please see our Swiss Elgin page.

We hope you'll take some time to browse through our web site where we've compiled a huge amount of historical information on vintage pocket watches and the companies that produced them. We invite you to learn a little about the fascinating history of your vintage Elgin watch, and to contact us if we can assist you with the repair or restoration of your antique Elgin watch.

Modern Battery-Powered "Elgin" Watches

We are sometimes contacted by individuals looking for warranty service on their modern quartz, battery-powered "Elgin" watch. Since the Elgin watch company went out of business in 1964, it isn't very likely that the "Elgin" watch you bought at Wal-Mart last Christmas was made by the original Elgin Watch Company! Any modern watch that bears the Elgin name is an Elgin-branded watch only, and has nothing to do with the original Elgin watch company other than the fact that it says "Elgin" on the dial.

According to the latest information we have, the rights to the Elgin brand-name are currently owned by the M.Z. Berger Company. Please contact them for service information for your modern battery-powered Elgin watch.

Please note: We are not the Elgin National Watch Company. The Elgin National Watch Company is no longer in business. We specialize in the repair of vintage mechanical Elgin watches and look forward to helping you restore your antique Elgin watch to best possible condition.