Professional Evaluation Service for Your Vintage or Antique Pocket Watch

Pocketwatch Identification, Authenticity and Value From Our Vintage Watch Experts

This page provides information about our vintage Pocketwatch Identification and Valuation Service. If you are looking for a watch repair estimate, please see these instructions. If you are looking for a jewelry appraisal (size and quality of gemstones, goldwork, etc) then you should consult a good jeweler. We only identify and evaluate vintage mechanical WATCHES, particularly higher grade American pocket watches.

If you wish to learn more about the history and potential market value of your vintage or antique pocket watch, and simply don't have the time or the desire to do the research yourself using the instructions provided here, we offer our professional market evaluation service for vintage watches.

Identification and Valuation Service

The value of a vintage watch, like any antique, depends on the details of proper identification, authenticity, rarity, and condition. Our antique watch experts will examine your watch, taking into consideration the many factors which can affect vintage watch value, in order to provide you with an accurate understanding of your antique watch's value, special features and unique history. An accurate understanding of market value is important: an artificially inflated "appraisal" on your watch will only unnecessarily inflate the premiums you will pay to insure it, while incorrect identification may significantly undervalue it.

We specialize in identifying and evaluating vintage American pocket watches.

What you will receive with your vintage pocket watch evaluation:

  • A complete description of your watch, including as much of the following information as can be determined: manufacturer, grade, model, serial number, approximate age, size, jewel count, type of escapement, country of origin, and notation of any special features or unusual materials used in the construction of your watch.
  • Our expert evaluation of the condition of the movement, case and dial of your watch.
  • Our expert opinion on the authenticity and originality of your watch.
  • Our expert opinion of the current market value of your watch. This is an essential piece of information if you are planning to sell your watch, need to know how much to insure it for, or if you just want to know what your watch is worth.
  • If possible, we will also include a brief history of the company that made your watch. In some cases, historical information is simply not available.
  • Your evaluation report will be delivered to you in Adobe PDF format, so it may easily be printed or viewed.

Vintage Pocket Watch Evaluation Only: $99

For an additional fee, your evaluation report can include high-quality photographs of the case, movement, and dial of your watch, as sometimes required for insurance purposes.

Vintage Pocket Watch Evaluation with High-Quality Photos: $149

To order a vintage watch identification and market evaluation report, please send watch and a check for the appropriate evaluation fee to:

Renaissance Watch Repair

4957 Lakemont Blvd SE
Suite C4-282

Bellevue, WA 98006

If we can't identify your vintage watch, you pay only for return shipping

On occasion we receive unusual or one-of-a-kind watches that we are simply not able to accurately date or identify. In those cases, your watch will be returned to you and you will pay only for return shipping and handling. We are able to provide information about most watches we receive.

If you have any questions about our vintage pocketwatch identification and evaluation service, please contact us.